21 June 2009

It's Been a While...

Indeed it has.

We're just going to take one step back and profile Rita's Putties, then take two steps forward to the Tenga Warriors, then go chronologically (though I suppose the Oozemen might come before that... did I even put them on the list?).

Unlike the zPutties and Season 2, the episodes and fights of which I've seen so many times to the point where I had simply memorized most of them, I'll have to actually go through and watch Season 1 in its entirety to try to catch every little appearance.

I may be retroactively updating these profiles down the road if I think of some quirky thing to add. For example, one thing that will be added is a list of the minions' most embarrasing defeats. Why? Because they happened in every season. It is a kids show, after all. These poor guys were bound to be on the wrong end of cruel writers looking to make them look silly. And they were. So, all one of my readers (is there one?) will have a Top 5 list of sorts to look for in that category.

In the mean time, anyone who sees this blog post should go watch the Super Freakin' Parody Rangers. Right now. Here are episodes one, two, and three, then the first parts of the movie parody (part 1-1, part 1-2, part 1-3, and part 2; don't ask me why it was broken up like that). WARNING: it is not for children. At all. F-bombs and sexual references. You've been warned. I even made it bold and red.

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