02 August 2009

Profile Preview: Putty Patrol

Goodness, I have a follower now! I guess I should continue then...

The Putty Patrol, unlike the zPutties, don't have any inherent weak spot—maybe mercifully so, though it sure makes things a lot less interesting from this writer's point of view.

Discinction between American footage of Putties and the Japanese footage of the Golem Hei is fairly obvious. Honestly, and many may agree with me here, the Golem Hei costumes are just that much better. They just looked that much more like clay than do the Putties. Their masks, however, made them look more like rock monsters than clay monsters. In that regard, maybe the Putties had them beat.

Unfortunately, there's nothing to tally, like the zPutties' shattering. I don't know if I should look for a correlation between the number of stripes a Putty has and how well/poorly they do by comparison. The fewest seen on a costume (in the American footage) was 2. The most is 5.

I love the pumpkin-head Putties in "Trick or Treat". They win. And they remind me of how I overlooked the western zPutties in my zPutty Profile... d'oh! I also liked the clown Putties in "No Clowning Around".

Unlike the zPutties, where I could find only one or two instances of this happening, there may have been three or four (or more, if I count wrong) instances in which the Putties actually looked physically stronger/better than the Rangers: "Gung Ho!", "Crystal of Nightmares", "Return of an Old Friend (part 2)", and "Two Heads Are Better Than One". That doesn't include "Day of the Dumpster", but I didn't include "The Mutiny" in counting the zPutties victories either.

One thing I am going to start incorporating into these profiles is including some of the ridiculous ways minions are defeated. I'm trying to think off-hand of one for the Putties... well, in one episode, Kim and Trini toss a couple into garbage cans, which doesn't hurt them, but they can't figure out how the heck to get out of them. In another episode, Trini throws one up a slide, because she's apparently that strong... or maybe Putties are just light. I hope there are a fair amount of these. It's a kids show, surely there's some comic relief to be had at the minons' expense. In light of this, I think the zPutties' profile will require an addendum.